Our mission is to supply our Customers with top quality products. We believe that quality, solidity and professionalism are the basis for longterm
and efficient partnership.

We produce metal components used by top Polish companies of the home appliance sector. We invite you to see our full offer !

We produce insulation made of mineral glass wool showing great thermal and acoustic properties.

Our Injection department produces large and medium-size parts made of different type of material by means of blow and injection moulding. Our products meet the highest technical and aesthetic requirements.

Our gas installations are produced from the best quality type of aluminium. Leekproofness and safety of connections is guaranteed by applying specialised production equipment.

We offer thermoprint and tampoprint services. Our prints are clear and durable thanks to a chemical method of fixing.

We are flexible and always willing to undertake challenges which go beyond our standard services. We invite you to explore our capabilities!

Izolmet – quality and professionalism

P.P.H.U. IZOLMET – we are a company with over 20 years of experience, which is a guarantee of the highest quality of products, professional service and individual approach to each customer. . We invite you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of our services. The high standard of our services is confirmed by the opinions of satisfied customers and numerous awards and quality certificates.